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understanding 가상축구 the top 4 virtual soccer picks

When Adrian 온라인 가상축구 Peterson won the NFL Rushing Title in 2008, the Sophomore Slump was dealt a devastating stiff arm. It was 363 carries for 1760 yards and 10 touchdowns. He had 21 receptions for 125 yards, and he also had two touchdowns. It was only once in his entire career that he was held to less than 76-yards. Talk about consistent output. Only seven times did he gain more than 75 yards as a rookie, despite having two career-high performances (224 & 296). His reliability skyrocketed as a result of this.

What I like most about AP is that he takes responsibility for his actions. He takes his “weaknesses” very seriously and works tirelessly to overcome them. The opposing Defenses should be scared of him in 2009 because I fully expect him to be even more complete than he was in 2008. 벳365가상축구 – rosisoccer

They face Cincinnati, Carolina, and Chicago in the fantasy playoffs. On paper, Cincy’s defense has gotten a lot better, but he should still be able to handle them. Carolina is a formidable opponent. While the defense of Chicago may not be what it used to be, they should still pose a significant threat, especially when playing at home. With Cleveland and Detroit in Weeks 1 and 2 and St. Louis in Week 5, AP should get off to a good start. On the road in Detroit and Phoenix, he is expected to overwhelm his opponents.

In most leagues, AP will be a top-two pick. If you’re playing in a PPR league, he’s likely to finish second in standard scoring. In 2009, he rushed for 1800 yards and 14 touchdowns.

As of this 가상축구 분석 writing, Michael Turner’s contract has

To be a feature back, Michael Turner had to prove he could step out of LT’s shadow. He struggled to find consistency in his play early in the season. For example, he’d crush bad defenses (Detroit, Kansas City, Boston, Oakland, Denver), but would get stifled by superior defenses (Tennessee and Carolina). In Week 12, though, he smashed Carolina for 117 yards and four touchdowns. While playing against the likes of Tampa Bay and Minnesota’s stout run defense, he became into a machine, consistently outperforming everyone he faced. Last nine games, he had at least 100 yards and a touchdown.

Despite the colossal numbers, there is still some anxiety (1699 yards, 17 TDs). Last year, he was involved in 376 rushes. Even if he hadn’t played much football before the season, that’s a lot for aback. The next year, historically, RBs with such a heavy workload have seen their output drop. His touchdown totals are going to drop significantly because of the signing of 실시간 가상축구패턴 Tony Gonzalez, a fantastic player inside the 20-yard line.

Miami, New England, Dallas, Washington, the NY Giants, Philadelphia, and the Jets will all be on his schedule this year, in addition to two games each versus Carolina and Tampa Bay. New Orleans, the Jets, and Buffalo are all on the schedule for him in the playoffs, which isn’t horrible. Because of this, I still expect Turner to finish in the top three or four running backs. I’m predicting 1700 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Maurice Jones-Drew is a professional basketball player.

Thomas Jones-

It’s finally time for Drew 안전한 가상축구 to show that he’s capable of being an NFL running back. The virtual soccer world is drooling at the notion of what he could accomplish if he were given a more prominent role. If a player hasn’t carried the ball more than 200 times, there is a considerable 먹튀검증방법 risk, but that can be seen as an advantage because of the limited amount of miles the player has accumulated. Despite his 5’7″ height, he is quite strong. That’s because he’s a muscle-bound 208-pounder. He’s like a bowling ball with a lot of agility and speed. His ability to find the end zone is even more astounding. In his three seasons, Mojo has 40 total touchdowns (34 rushings, 4 receiving, and 2 returns). As a receiver out of the backfield, his skills are exceptional. A career-high of 62 receptions last year topped a 40+ reception average over the previous three years. A healthy Offensive Line, which was a major factor in Jacksonville’s poor 2008 season, should be a boon to him.

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To make matters worse for most virtual soccer owners, Jacksonville has favorable matchups against Arizona (Week 2), St. Louis (Week 6), Kansas City (Week 9), and Cleveland (Week 17). In the fantasy playoffs, he has a tough draw with the likes of Miami, Indianapolis, and New England. With MJD’s versatility, it’s no surprise that he’s capable of delivering against any opponent.

For the vast majority of leagues, Mo-Jo is expected to be selected in the top three picks. I’m confident that he’ll live up to his big goals. I’m giving him a total of 2 000 yards and 14 total touchdowns.

Matt Forte 메이저 가상축구 is a well-known author.

Matt Forte, like many of the top running backs this year, has some insecurities about his ability to stay healthy. There is a good chance the QB will be replaced by a gunslinger. As MJD has never had more than 200 carries, how he will handle an increased workload is unknown. It has historically been negative for Michael Turner’s production to have a lot of carries in the 사설토토사이트 previous season.

Matt Forte’s queries are very similar to those of the AP. What impact will a proven quarterback have on his output? Will Forte see fewer carries with Jay Cutler at the helm? Likely. His ability to catch the ball will keep him actively involved in the offense, but his lack of speed will keep him out of the backfield. What effect does his presence have on the running game? Likely. It seems unlikely that Forte will suffer from the arrival of Cutler.

It was Forte’s dependability that made him a standout. During a typical fantasy season, he only scored less than 10 points once (against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 4). (He had 7.5 in Week 17). The first 16 games saw him score at least one touchdown. He didn’t have a lot of big games, but he still delivered every week. Despite the lack of skill position players, Forte 최상위 가상축구 managed to amass 1715 total yards and 12 touchdowns.

He faces Detroit in Week 4, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Arizona in Weeks 7-9, and St. Louis in Week 13 of the season, which is a fairly favorable fantasy 바카라사이트 schedule for him. Due to the brutality of his virtual soccer playoff schedule, he could be a good candidate to be sold at a premium. At Green Bay, Baltimore, and Minnesota, he’ll be tested. Even though his pass-catching skills might help, this is an extremely demanding schedule at the most inopportune time.